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Ignite Your Musical Passion

All students enrolled in Piano and Violin Academic Programs are automatically enrolled in the music theory programs, using the International ABRSM Music Theory syllabus.

After passing grade 5 theory exam, academic program students are required to enrol in this course. The goal of this course is to help students develop profound understanding of the meaning behind the musical notations of a piece and to eventually develop a more personal relationships with composers and interpretation of their compositions.

Learn the fundamental tonality in Western music as well as the historical backgrounds that shape the development of Western music from the Ancient Greece and Rome, the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and through the Baroque to the 20th C music: from the quintessential tonality of J.S. Bach to the radical atonality of Schönberg. 

This course is open to candidates who have successfully passed Grade 5 ABRSM Music Theory exams. 

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