Music for Young Children

Nurture Your Child's Musical Talent

Irama Music Studio offers child-friendly music and movement programs, catered according to the age and development of young children, based on the curriculum of Kodaly and Orff Curriculum. This program is to prepare young children for formal music courses in Piano, Violin, etc.

Since 2013, Irama Music Studio has been affiliated with Kindermusik International program to provide our families with the most gentle and family friendly introduction to musical learning.

Starting August 2020, Irama Music Studio will be offering a new version of music and movement programs  that is based on the teachings of Kodaly and Orff, International music education philosophies that focus on developing children's musical abilities through singing, reciting, moving, listening, while enjoying playing games and understanding and recognising basic musical elements and notations.

Check our available courses below.

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Let's Explore Music - For Toddlers

Offline Private Session available
Duration: 45 min

Let's Explore Music is tailored to suit the curiosity of toddlers, who love to explore and wander, question things and people around them, but at the same time are still emotionally dependent on mommy, daddy, or the main caregiver. This program is designed to also equip the adult with knowledge to basic elements of music while still be able to observe and develop loving relationships with the child.

 Both children and adults will learn the concept of highs and lows, loud and soft, and other basic musical terms through the following activities:

- Songs

- Movements

- Story telling

- Musical Games

- Pre-notation and pre-rhythm reading

- Listening


Let's Feel Music - For Preschoolers

Offline Private Session available
45 min weekly

Let's Feel Music is ideal to develop preschooler's growing independence to imagine and create stories, emotional needs to relate and being accepted in his or her environment, and more importantly to acknowledge his feelings and how to appropriate express them. In music, children are taught how to listen, feel, move, symbolise, and describe what they hear in a song, rhyme, or an instrumental piece. 


Music Fundamentals -
for age 4-5 years old

Offline Private Session available
45 min

Kindergarteners age 4 and up will learn the basic rhythmic and musical notations, to sing in tune and to prepare them for formal music education, while still having lots of fun playing games, listening to stories and music, and creating their little rhythm patterns and musical notations.