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Inspiring and Cultivating Students' Potentials

Our incredible team of teachers perform significant role at Irama Music Studio. It is their dedication, passion and continuing education that keeps students focused and motivated in their learning journey.



Dr. Christine Utomo completed her Bachelor of Music, Master of Music, and the Doctoral of Musical Arts in piano performance at the USC Thornton School of Music, where she studied extensively with Norman Krieger. She has also worked with renowned piano pedagogues such as Malcolm Bilson, Bernd Goetze, Andrez Jasinski, Philippe Entremont, Angela Hewitt, and Mikhail Voskressenky.

Starting September 2022, she will begin her new appointment as the Associate Professor of Piano Performance at College of Chinese & Asean Arts in Chengdu, China. Throughout her career as Artistic Director of Irama Music Studio in Medan, Indonesia, since 2007, she actively develops her musical passion through performing, teaching, educating the community through series of outreach concerts, lectures, and masterclasses. One of the highlight educational programs were the "250th anniversary of Beethoven" webinar series organized during the pandemic of 2020, which involved world renowned artists and pedagogues to share their knowledge and performances of Beethoven's compositions. She was also one of the founders of the non-profit organization “Associazione Musicale Amadeus,” which organized series of outreach educational concerts in Medan during 2007-2011.

Her goal in teaching is to inspire the mind and heart, and certainly to train fundamental physical strength, especially the ears, fingers, and our body muscles. My hope is that students keep developing curiosity, and certainly skills, critical thinking and understanding of the musical notation in search of the best interpretation that is closest to the composer's original intentions.



An Indonesian pianist, Sebastian Suhardi received his Master of Music in Piano Performance and Pedagogy (teaching practice) from Royal Birmingham Conservatoire (UK) with Distinction. He was awarded MMUS P&P Course Prize for graduating with the highest mark in the Conservatoire and also a recipient of Denis Matthews Memorial Trust Award. He was awarded Silver Prize in the Asia Piano Competition 2013 and becomes Licentiate from Trinity College London. He has performed in the UK, Indonesia, and Malaysia. In 2019, Sebastian was invited to be one of the presenters on UCSI University Piano Pedagogy Conference in Malaysia; giving a seminar about ‘Memorization Techniques’. His primary teachers include Mark Bebbington, Anthony Hewitt, and Yong Sue Yi. He has participated in masterclasses from Pascal Nemirovski, Howard Shelley, Ian Jones, Ng Chong Lim and many more. Sebastian is very passionate in music education, ‘Teaching holistically’ is his teaching philosophy. Many of his students have won awards and been admitted to top universities the UK, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. He is now a full-time dedicated music educator based in Medan, Indonesia.



Born and raised in Medan, I pursued my Bachelor degree majoring in Classical Piano at UCSI University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia under tutelage of Asst. Prof. Dr. Joyce Wang Chiao Su with partial grant scholarship from UCSI Trust. I also took Contemporary Piano as my minor instrument under Mr Adrian Hin Ee Jeng.

During my studies, I was an active participant in joining several competition, workshop, seminars, and masterclasses and exposed to many kinds of music styles & technique as well as musician's well-being. Apart from that, I was given opportunity mentoring students in Aural Skills such as drilling basic hearing skills, giving practice tips and dictation. My interest in other academic subjects also led me to take part as a mentor for Malaysian Music subject. From all those teaching experiences, I truly believe that practical skills, theoretical skills, and hearing skills should be connected altogether without having a gap in between.

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Born in Medan, I have been learning piano since I was little. I received my Bachelor of Music Degree from UCSI University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, majoring in Classical Piano Performance under the tutelage of Ms. Chee Su Yen.

My goal as a teacher is to assist students in deciphering the meaning and message of any piece of music. Exploration, inquiry, and experimenting are central to both teaching and learning for me. And I go into each class with the goal of igniting a student's imagination and musical comprehension by using these ideas. My favorite part of teaching is watching my students' ideas grow and guiding them along the way. I believe it is important to engage with my students on a personal level where I will encourage and inspire them to attain their goals.



I am a certified ABRSM Classical Piano and Theory Teacher under three honorable teachers. Growing up in Jakarta, I am guided under both classical and pop piano teacher and had participated in many concerts. 

I returned to Medan and continued my passion for classical music, then started teaching children when I was still in high school. My familiarity to children gives me both courage and confidence to start teaching Music for Young Children. Apart from classical piano, I also enjoy composing songs for some religion activities sometimes. 

I encourage students be active and to express what they feel through music. I do hope that, under a fun and motivating guidance, students can see the beauty in music while also developing necessary skills.



Angel was born and raised in Medan. She has started learning piano since she was a child.
She went to Methodist Charles Wesley Music Vocational School. During her studies she has participated in many school concerts and several competitions. Angel has joined IMS since 2019. From teaching Music for Young Children to piano teacher.

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I am a passionate teacher and violinist, I have taught many young students using the Suzuki method. Since joining the IMS faculty in 2019,  I have been participating in various Suzuki Teacher Training Program and has worked intensively with Dr. Lan Ku Chen and Hoei Tsu Chen. I earned my Bachelor of Music in Music Education from ISI Jogjakarta.

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I am an Indonesia Soprano with a light and lyrical voice. After graduating from Vocal Music Teaching at Musikhochschule Karlsruhe,I continued my opera studies (solis teater musik) at Musikhochschule Saar. I was recruitet as a full time opera singer in a few opera house in German and performed Dornroeschen (Humperdinck), Theone (Hoffman, at the world premiere dunia in Erfurt 2012), Pamina, Queen of the night, First Lady (Mozart), dan many more.

Coming back to my homeland, I am an active classical singer and teaches at Gloriamus Music School up to this moment 

On 2017, I formed Vokalogie - music school and music teheater at Pantai Indah Kapuk. Many of my student have successfully achieved awards both in national or international competitions as well as scholarships for further studies. 

On 2018, Vokalogie performaned the opera of Humperdinck - Hansel and Gretel In German text at Jakarta and Bandung together with Bandung Philharmonic.

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All throughout my life, music and teaching have been my passions and my dream jobs. I hold a Grade 8 Certificate in Piano Practical and have over a year of experience running my own classroom and over twelve years of experience with music in general.


I love seeing children learn and helping them to be successful in the musical, mental, and social aspects of their lives.

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Born in Medan, Rosalie began learning piano since she was a 5 years old and has since participated in various concerts, competitions. She had also participated in piano masterclass from Dr. Johannes Sebastian Nugroho.

Rosalie believes in cultivating passion and interest in her students and inspires children's interests to practice with pleasure.

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I was born in Medan and have been learning piano since I was 7 years old. I received my Diploma in Piano Performance from London College of Music (DipLCM) in 2002. I conducted private piano and music theory classes since 2001, before joined Irama Music Studio from 2005 until 2013.

In order to improve my singing ability, I started learning classical vocal in 2017 and received ABRSM Singing grade 5 certificate in January 2022. Shortly after, I started to teach singing lesson in the same year.

As a tutor, I want to assist my student to understand the meaning of music, and how to convey it through piano and singing. I will share my music inspiration and exploration with my students, guiding them to grow step by step until they posses their own music ideas.

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Discovered my lifelong love for music through the strings of a guitar. Music isn't just a passion; it's the essence of my existence. As a dedicated guitar mentor, my mission is to share this passion. helping young musicians grow and develop their skills with care and guidance.

Beyond teaching, I find joy in running my own Band where we harmonize and create musical magic together. Each note I play and each lesson I teach is a melody in the grand composition of my life. Join me on this harmonious journey where music is the language of the heart.

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