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Develop Your Musical Talent

Irama Music Studio offers both academic and non-academic music program to cater to your needs in developing your growing curiosity in musical instruments, sharpen your musical knowledge, or simply master that favourite piece that you frequently heard! Discover our available lessons program below.

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Drum Program

Guitar Program

Voice Program

Masterclass Courses

Music Theory and History Course

Violin Program

Piano Program

Music for Young Children

Programs: Programs

Mrs. Linda, Mother of Fiorenlin

"After taking piano courses in IMS, Fiorenlin has developed her self confidence and able to perform on stage. On the recent performance, she received her first trophy."

Mr. Hardianto, Father of Philbert Thurnov

"After taking music courses, I see my son grow musically and emotionally. Going through the puberty stage along with music help me stabilize his emotions. I see his love for music, and music help sparks his creativity and imagination."

Mrs. Marina, Mother of Darryl

"Darryl used to dislike music in general, after learning to play piano he nows love enjoy music especially classical music played in the piano. His enjoyment towards music has lead him to have better self confidence and stay focus for a longer period of time."

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